Report from Necker Island

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Necker Island

“I was incredibly lucky to be the winner of the Sam Griffiths Foundation raffle prize this year. The prize included first class flights and an all expenses trip to Richard Branson’s Necker Island. No words can describe how amazing our holiday was and just how privileged we felt to be there.

Although it is a truly 5 star experience it felt more like visiting someone’s home where they show you the very best of everything they have to offer. All the chefs are Michelin star and so the food in out of this world and so much thought is put into each meal – you are taken to a different location every dinner time so we sampled French, Moroccan, BBQ, Caribbean and a 7 course Gala dinner. You can do as much or as little as you please on the holiday – from watersports, tennis lessons, water ski-ing, diving or just lying on the beach or in the hot tub drinking one of the many cocktails on offer.

My favourite part of the trip was the people we met as they were so much fun and really made the holiday – we all felt like a family by the end of it and have already arranged a reunion in a few months. I can’t thank the foundation enough as it was the holiday of a lifetime and I have memories that I will treasure forever.”

Gemma Parkhouse

Tributes to Sam

  • No one who has met Sam can ever forget THAT laugh. It defied the laws of physics, it was just so loud, and the pitch range was ridiculous. Sam had a deep voice,yet his laugh went as high as top G.

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